Black Flexor Diamond Textured Side Rails Grips Ergonomic Trigger Stop Kit For Xbox Series X/S Controller


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The FLEXOR trigger stop grips kit is an evolutionary custom kit that advanced gaming functionality to your existing controller for Xbox Series X / S.
With it, you will have a faster trigger response, get a huge advantage in games such as shooting.


Product Feature:

1. Specially designed for Xbox Series X / S controller (model 1914).
2. The FLEXOR hair trigger grips  can greatly improve the function of the LT RT shoulder buttons.
3. Ergonomic 3D diamond texture rubber back panels will make your controller stand out; Adds a comfortable feel and noticeable texture to your controller.
4. Ergonomic grips provide better control and comfort.
5. Adjustable dual trigger locks help you fire faster and save valuable time during fast FPS or shooter games by reducing the distance to 5mm from 9mm .

* Not suitable for racing games


Package Included:

1* Right side rails
1* Left side rails
1* Set of trigger lock switches
Note: The controller and other parts are not included!

Additional information

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